Johann J., 1620-1695. See: Wepfer glands.
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Serving: Mrst: Camryn Hannah ace, Katie Mather ace, Avery Jedry ace, Paige Cormier ace; BAc: Caitlin Wepfer ace, Caroline Gard ace.
In 1658, Johann Jacob Wepfer reported that apoplexy resulted from obstruction of the carotid or vertebral artery or bleeding into the brain [4-6].
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For example, general self-efficacy reduced perceived stress (Nedeljkovic, Wepfer, Ausfeld-Hafter, Wirtz, & Streitberger, 2013).
Joshua Woolley and Margaret Ege purchased the house from Charles and Ginger Wepfer.
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These changes noted by scholars such as Thomas Willis and Jakob Wepfer led to medical interventions.
In 1668, Johann Jakob Wepfer proposes that stroke may be caused by a broken blood vessel in the brain.