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Joseph, German anatomist and physiologist, 1768-1808. See: Wenzel ventricle.
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Schlueter and Wenzel offer something refreshingly different: a book in the form of a debate, with each author defending one of the key positions.
The Iraqi leader said Linda Wenzel is still jailed in Baghdad and it would be "a case for the courts" to decide if prosecutors will demand her death.
Four German women including Wenzel, who belongs to a small town of Pulsnitz near Dresden, were being given consular assistance in a prison in Iraq.
Wenzel has worked with JPMorgan's commercial banking unit for 25 years and was most recently director of business operations risk.
Wenzel has a different challenge: to show that libertarianism is an actual political theory capable of preserving the regime--of securing "the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity" in the words of the Constitution--and not merely a justification for maximizing individual liberty in all realms.
The autobiography by Czech pianist, teacher, composer, and music critic Johann Wenzel Tomaschek/Han Vaclav Tomasek (1774-1850) first appeared in installments between 1845 and 1850 in the periodical Libussa, and English excerpts have appeared in musical journals, but Moore presents the first full English translation.
Governor Wenzel gave a presentation on the current activities of the CEB and took part in an exchange of views.
Wenzel Spine said it plans to integrate the PrimaLOK platforms into the pipeline of innovative MIS solutions currently being developed.
THEY ALL SAW A CAT by Brendan Wenzel (Chronicle Books, hardback PS10.
Los trabajos mas completos sobre la taxonomia de Streblidae y su relacion con los hospederos en America fueron publicados por Wenzel et al.
VariLift-LX represents the next generation of Wenzel Spine's product lines of Expandable Stand-Alone interbody fusion devices.
They have won 2-0 in every round, with Josh Wenzel and Brian Clarke playing each match this year.