Wenckebach, Karel F.

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Wenckebach, Karel F.

Dutch internist, 1864–1940.

Wenckebach period

A form of incomplete heart block in which, as detected by electrocardiography, there is progressive lengthening of the P-R interval until there is no ventricular response; and then the cycle of increasing P-R intervals begins again.
Synonym: Wenckebach's phenomenon

Wenckebach phenomenon

Wenckebach period.


Karel F., Dutch internist, 1864-1940.
Wenckebach block - Synonym(s): Wenckebach phenomenon
Wenckebach period - a sequence of cardiac cycles in the electrocardiogram ending in a dropped beat due to A-V block.
Wenckebach phenomenon - progressive lengthening of conduction time in cardiac tissue, with ultimate dropping of a beat. Synonym(s): Wenckebach block