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Idaho Falls: Wells Fargo operates the sixth largest depository institution in the market, controlling deposits of $29.
Wells ruminates--in an abbreviated fashion--on her sometimes conflicting desire for professional success and domestic stability.
During the fourth quarter, the Midcontinent division drilled 24 (14 net) wells with an 83% success rate.
In the end, Wells will in all likelihood keep her job at least for another year.
A Wells spokesman could not be reached for comment.
What surprised us was the relatively youthful appearance of the volcano," says Wells.
We acquired these two wells to gain access to 640 acres of our mineral block that was previously unavailable to us," said Tom Temples, Wentworth Energy Vice President of Exploration and Production.
But the grown-up Wells had a harder time masking his desire to be a world-class participant in the sport.
Our first three wells gave us technical challenges even though we encountered multiple gas-charged sand packages.
The supervisors also instructed the department to prepare a plan to remove carcinogens and other impurities from the water in the wells, which are strung across the Antelope Valley from Lancaster to Lake Los Angeles and Littlerock.
During fiscal 2006, five wells were drilled on the company's 5,760 gross acre Glacier Prospect located in Harper and Woodward Counties, Oklahoma.
Each Wells Fargo common share will be exchanged for 10 Norwest common shares.