Hermann, German anthropologist and anatomist, 1822-1898. See: Welcker angle.
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original) (quoting Zach Welcker, Welcome Speech to the Twenty-Fifth
31) Review of Welcker, A Voyage with Death and Other Poems, Westminster Review (January 1879): 282.
2 200 Wright (President/CEO) 19 Debby Lauret 1 186 (Executive Director) 20 Gary Birdsall DND 160 (President/CEO) 21 Bobbi Sandoval 1 150 (2014 President) 22 Lori LeBeau 2 150 (Chair) 23 Mark Welcker 1 70 (President) 24 Michael Aaron DND 45 (President) 25 Stanley Ellington 1 35 (Executive Director) Rankings based on 2012 data.
9) Ma per una proposta di attribuzione al dramma Thamyras, si veda Welcker 1839:427 n.
Among them are Kelydra Welcker, whose work on chemical contaminants in her West Virginia hometown landed her on an FBI terrorist watch list, and Taylor Wilson, who wheeled into the fair a nuclear fusion reactor he had built in a basement.
At the beginning of the year Kapp will succeed Carl Martin Welcker, owner of the Schtitte operation (Cologne, Germany), who served two three-year terms as VDW's leader.
That happened to Kelydra Welcker (see "Pollution Detective") with mosquitoes and environmental toxins and Erica David (see "Snow Traps") with snow.
SIMI VALLEY - Cassie and Roxanne Welcker think the poultry competition at the Ventura County Fair is going to be a lot livelier this year.
Brian Welcker, Technical Fvangelist, Health care, Microsoft Corporation
The front flyleaf in each volume includes a label signifying that the volumes were once in the Welcker Music Shop, Soho, a London-based establishment active in the early eighteenth century.
Straub, 1870); Welcker (Alte Denkmaler); Radermacher (Mythos und Sage bei den griechen, Leipzig: R.