Lisa, Swedish neurologist, 1909-2001. See: Kugelberg-Welander disease, Wohlfart-Kugelberg-Welander disease.
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Con esta base de funcionamiento existen varios disenos, entre los que destacan el Recipiente de Inmersion Temporal Automatico RITA (ALVARD et al, 1993), con la variante comercial de diseno Plantform (WELANDER et al., 2014), y el Biorreactor de Inmersion Temporal BIT (ESCALONA et al., 1999), con su correspondiente version comercial SETIS (VERVIT, 2015).
Her final score was a whopping 7 strokes better than the previous mark held by a pair of amateur winners: Annika Welander in 2005 and Stephanie Miller in 2016.
Light is also another important abiotic factor that has been reported to influence ECM diversity and richness.Various studies have shown that plant biomass decreases with the reduction of light (Tester et al., 1986; Welander & Ottosson, 1998).
Incentives for such eco-friendly vehicles can help the firm drive in more such products into the country where the government is already pushing for environmental-friendly vehicles, according to Volvo Cars group senior VP, Paul Welander. Welander stated that India also needs to be competitive when it comes to import duties.
The morphological bases of gadiform taxonomy, including the subfamily Gadinae to which all of the species in our study belong, have been described (e.g., Schultz and Welander, 1935; Svetovidov, 1948; Cohen, 1989), as have the phylogenetic relationships among gadiform families (e.g., Roa-Varon and Orti, 2009) and within Gadinae (Teletchea et al., 2006).
Welander, "Decolorization of the textile dyes reactive red 2 and reactive blue for using Bjerekandera sp.
Feyissa, Welander and Negash (2005) observed that the rate of multiplication in explants of Hagenia abyssinica originating from juvenile material was low at the first subculture and increased at the second and later subcultures, especially for explants originating from seedlings.