Weitbrecht, Josias


Josias, German-Russian anatomist, 1702-1747.
Weitbrecht cartilage - the articular disk of fibrocartilage usually found between the acromial end of the clavicle and the medial border of the acromion. Synonym(s): articular disc of acromioclavicular joint
Weitbrecht cord - Synonym(s): Weitbrecht ligament
Weitbrecht fibers - one of several longitudinal folds of the articular capsule of the hip joint. Synonym(s): retinaculum capsulae articularis coxae
Weitbrecht foramen - an opening in the articular capsule of the shoulder joint, communicating with the subtendinous bursa of the subscapularis muscle.
Weitbrecht ligament - a slender band extending from the lateral part of the coronoid process of the ulna distad and laterad to the radius immediately distal to the bicipital tuberosity. Synonym(s): oblique ligament of elbow joint; Weitbrecht cord
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