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(14) However, when tracing its lineage back further, it was likely first described by German professor Josias Weitbrecht who described "fibrous bunches that reinforce the capsule and bands that supplement the fixation of the semicircular cartilages (meniscus)." This was then further elucidated with anatomic studies by Dr.
Temperature acts on the speed of water absorption and biochemical reactions that determine the entire process of germination, and the substrate is also important, because its chemical composition, texture and structure influence the availability of water, oxygen, light and nutrients (Lima et al., 2010; Weitbrecht et al., 2011; Silva et al., 2014).
(28) Andreas Weitbrecht, Mergers in an Economic Crisis--EU Merger Control 2008/2009, 7 EUR.
As Kligler-Vilenchik, McVeigh-Schultz, Weitbrecht, and Tokuhama (2012) suggest, fan communities are based on a shared media experience, a sense of togetherness, and an urge to change and improve the world.
(14) Dorothee Weitbrecht, Ermgiehtigung zur Vernichtung: Die Einsatzgruppen in Polen im Herbst 1939 [Authorization for Annihilation: The Action Groups in Poland in Autumn 1939], in GENESIS DES GENOZIDS: POLEN 1939-1941 [GENESIS OF GENOCIDE: POLAND 1939-1941], at 57 (Klaus-Michael Mallmann & Bogdan Musial eds., 2004).
"But it's virtually impossible to draft rules that are sufficiently clear and practical and at the same time eliminate all conduct that could somehow be construed as 'capable' of distorting markets by reducing or removing competitive uncertainties," says Andreas Weitbrecht, co-chair of Latham & Watkins' global antitrust and competition practice.
Previous research on tendencies towards direct participation and HRM concepts independent of the collective representation (union or statutorily based institutions for consultation and bargaining) mainly dealt with Anglo-American settings (see Wood & Fenton-O'Creevy 2005 and further literature in this article), but similar tendencies are also argued to have occurred in an institutionally rather different country such as Germany (Weitbrecht 2003).
Bay, Javier Ruiz Calzado & Andreas Weitbrecht, Judicial Review in EU Merger Control: Recent Developments, EUR.
Publication gravure, flexographic printing, special gravure division: Florian Weitbrecht, sales manager; Dr.