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August Friedrich Leopold, German biologist, 1834-1914. See: weismannism.
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What did Weismann understand by the concept of germ-plasm?
Weismann. These were primary facts evidencing precommitment as a matter of law.
Until he was 80, Joseph Weismann kept his story to himself, giving only the slightest hints of it to his wife and three children.
According to Weismann (2008), a decrease of 10 to 25% in yield may occur if the total distribution of leaves in the V8 stage is altered by the occurrence of biotic/ abiotic factor.
Yet Weismann said political interference at the agency is unlikely.
15 letter to the Justice Department, CFA Executive Director Anne Weismann asked for an investigation into the post-government activities of Mortgage Bankers Association President/CEO David Stevens, the former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner at HUD; Michael Berman, the former advisor to HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan; and Jim Parrott, the former adviser to Secretary Donovan.
In 1939, Weismann mentioned cases of NPE accompanying spontaneous or trauma-related intracranial hemorrhage in a large patient series (2).
Anne Weismann, the group's executive director, says the ALC "just reeks of the classic snake oil salesman." (Montana's AG has declined to investigate.)
Anne Weismann, executive director of the Campaign for Accountability and a former Justice Department official who worked on FOIA litigation, told Bloomberg that even by requesting the waivers at DHS, Johnson and the other officials created at least an appearance and opportunity for impropriety.
The second runner-up was Slugador Dali, aka Teresa Weismann Knight, and third runner-up was Miss Honey Jinx Galore, aka Kody Iturra, who dressed in drag with blue lipstick and lip-synced to the 1963 tune, "Be My Baby."
August Weismann: Development, Heredity, and Evolution