Weir Mitchell

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Weir Mitch·ell

(wēr mich'el),
Silas, U.S. neurologist, poet, and novelist, 1829-1914. See: Mitchell treatment, Gerhardt-Mitchell disease, Weir Mitchell treatment.


Silas Weir, U.S. neurologist, poet, and novelist, 1829-1914.
Gerhardt-Mitchell disease - see under Gerhardt, Carl
Mitchell disease - Synonym(s): Gerhardt-Mitchell disease
Mitchell treatment - treatment of mental illness by rest, nourishing diet, and a change of environment. Synonym(s): Weir Mitchell therapy; Weir Mitchell treatment
Weir Mitchell disease - Synonym(s): Gerhardt-Mitchell disease
Weir Mitchell therapy - Synonym(s): Mitchell treatment
Weir Mitchell treatment - Synonym(s): Mitchell treatment
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Sir Shadwell Rock therefore embodies a conflation of opposing psychological discourses, with regard to the new psychology and psychopathology, and more broadly locates a deeply embedded epistemological contradiction in the popular discourse of neurasthenia and hysteria made famous by Beard, Weir Mitchell, and others.
You're named after a 19th-century ancestor, the physician and author Silas Weir Mitchell.
WEIR MITCHELL </IR> , the neurologist, an experience she used in her masterpiece "The Yellow Wallpaper" (written 1890; published in New England Magazine, January 1892).
Executive producers, Josh Braun, Julie Goldman, Krysanne Katsoolis, Caroline Stevens, Silas Weir Mitchell.
Weir Mitchell, a picaresque novel of the French Revolution; and Songs from the Ghetto by Morris Rosenfeld, an immigrant from Russian Poland, translation by Leo Wiener.
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See especially Bassuk; Poirier, "The Weir Mitchell Rest Cure"; and Wood.
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