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IANS | New York Yo-yo dieting -- weight cycling, or the cyclical loss and gain of weight -- can make it harder for women to control a variety of heart disease risk factors, according to a research.
[USA], Nov 30 (ANI): Weight cycling - the repeated loss and regain of body weight (usually from diet) - has been associated with a higher risk of death, according to a recent study.
Accordingly, the Report contributes to what O'Reilly and Sixsmith have described as a weight-centered, healthist, and moralizing "obesity" discourse likely to cause harm via weight cycling, eating disorders, mental health issues, and social stigmatization [12].
Cleary, "Effect of moderate caloric restriction and/or weight cycling on mammary tumor incidence and latency in MMTV-Neu female mice," Nutrition and Cancer, vol.
Influence of obesity, physical inactivity, and weight cycling on chronic inflammation.
Yo-yo dieting or weight cycling (repeated weight loss and regain) increased the risk of death from heart disease in normal weight postmenopausal women.
Weight cycling, or "yo-yo dieting," often involves unhealthy or unbalanced diets that lead to temporary weight loss.
Barns "Weight cycling is an emerging global health concern associated with attempts at weight loss, but there have been inconsistent results about the health hazards for those who experience weight cycling behaviour," said Dr Somwail Rasla, lead author of the study at Brown University.
[9] also reported a deleterious association of weight cycling with mortality.
Weight cycling, also known in the literature as weight fluctuation, yo-yo dieting or yo-yo effect, is an element present in weight history, consisting of intentional weight loss and subsequent weight gain or vice versa.
Rasla and team divided 158,063 postmenopausal women into four categories: stable weight, steady gain, maintained weight loss, and weight cycling.
More than 73% and about 70% of those in the moderate and modest weight-loss group, respectively, experienced weight cycling within 2 years.