Weigert, Carl

Weigert, Carl

Ger. pathologist, 1845–1904.

Weigert elastic fiber stain

Weigert elastic stain.

Weigert elastic stain

A histological stain used to identify elastin in tissue samples.
Synonym: Weigert elastic fiber stain

Weigert law

An observation stating that loss or destruction of tissue results in an excess of new tissue during repair.
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Carl, German pathologist, 1845-1904.
Weigert iodine solution - an iodine-potassium iodide mixture used as a reagent to alter crystal and methyl violet so that they are retained by certain bacteria and fungi.
Weigert iron hematoxylin stain
Weigert law - the loss or destruction of a part or element in the organic world is likely to result in compensatory replacement and overproduction of tissue during the process of regeneration or repair. Synonym(s): overproduction theory
Weigert stain - dye used in the study of myelinated axons.
Weigert stain for actinomyces
Weigert stain for elastin
Weigert stain for fibrin
Weigert stain for myelin
Weigert stain for neuroglia
Weigert-Gram stain - a stain for bacteria in tissues in which sections are stained in alum-hematoxylin, then in eosin, aniline methyl violet, and Lugol solution.
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