crocodile tears

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the watery, slightly alkaline and saline secretion of the lacrimal glands that moistens the conjunctiva. See also lacrimal apparatus.
crocodile tears see syndrome of crocodile tears.
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croc·o·dile tears syn·drome

a flow of tears, usually unilateral, on eating or the anticipation of eating; this happens when nerve fibers originally destined for a salivary gland are damaged and regrow, aberrantly, into the lacrimal gland.
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crocodile tears

Tears and excessive saliva produced during eating. This condition is present when nerve fibers of the salivary glands grow abnormally into the lacrimal glands following Bell (seventh nerve) palsy.
See also: tear
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This is the man who supports PFI for schools and hospitals and stood weeping crocodile tears when Monklands Hospital, in his constituency, was about to lose its casualty deptartment as a result of his reign as Health Secretary.
The Government must stop 'weeping crocodile tears' for the agricultural industry and help boost its fortunes.
IT'S hard to stomach world leaders weeping crocodile tears over the carnage in London when their own actions have caused many thousands of deaths in Iraq.