Webster Decision

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A landmark decision by the US Supreme Court in Webster v. Reproductive Health Services that upheld the rights of states to regulate some aspects of abortions
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Secondly, and most importantly with regard to the Webster decision, the line which reads "the remuneration and other benefits due to the player under the existing of contract," is continuously misinterpreted by the courts, and only recently have the changed their mind with regard to the interpretation of the intentions of the drafters (28).
In the wake of the Supreme Court's Webster decision, pro-lifers were hopeful that many states could pass pro-life legislation that would survive an often overtly hostile Supreme Court.
The first set of bills introduced in states after the Webster decision had to do with parental involvement and women's right to know.
After the Webster decision the pro-choice sentiment declined in this age group.
Hence, after the Webster decision pro-life sentiment was slightly higher among males than females.
Why then has the Webster decision occasioned such harsh rhetoric from those supporting a woman's right to make decisions free from the constraints of the criminal law, and such jubilant praise from those who want state legislatures to make decisions instead of women and their physicians?
In the 14 years since the Supreme Court's Webster decision left the door to passing protective legislation slightly ajar, pro-lifers have worked relentlessly to find and enact measures the High Court would allow.
Hereafter The Court of Arbitration for Sport, The Webster Decision, 30 January 2008).
In the 1989 Webster decision, the Supreme Court upheld the Missouri statute that barred the use of public facilities for abortion when the mother's life was not at stake.
Based on the Webster decision, only one criterion applies in determining the extent of compensation in the case of any unilateral termination of a player's employment contract prematurely: the time remaining on the existing contract.
We have seen how different the awards in a unilateral breach case can be in the Matuzalem and Webster decisions (48).