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Referring to a substance pure enough for use in a weapon or which has properties making it suitable for weapons use
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North Korea had been disabling its nuclear plants at Yongbyon, which produced weapons-grade plutonium, as part of a February 2007 six-nation aid for disarmament deal.
The North Koreans are able to produ= ce weapons-grade plutonium, which is electro-refined, alloyed and cast into= shapes ready to be machined to fit into a warhead, according to a team of = distinguished American nuclear weapons scientists who visited the country= =92s laboratories.
Similarly, the CIRUS progeny, the Dhruva reactor, could deliver weapons-grade plutonium sufficient to build another five or six warheads per year.
The Irish Sea Nuclear Free Flotilla (ISNFF) has voiced grave concerns that the ships, carrying weapons-grade plutonium, passed so close to Irish waters.
The Department of Energy's (DOE) Elimination of Weapons-Grade Plutonium Production program seeks to facilitate the reactors' closure by building or refurbishing replacement fossil fuel plants.
It was this reactor that, when finished, would allow them to convert the fuel rods into weapons-grade plutonium. Now, barely a year into Clinton's first term in office, they were preparing to remove the fuel rods from their storage site, expel the international weapons inspectors, and withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (which North Korea had signed in 1985).
Back in 1994, North Korea agreed to stop nuclear development using graphite-moderated reactors which are capable of producing weapons-grade plutonium.
Rocky Flats nuclear facility became the Department of Energy's (DOE) golden child in July when the last of the weapons-grade plutonium stored there was shipped away ahead of schedule.
* The G-8 has have laid the groundwork to pursue multilateral arrangements to support Russia's program to dispose of 34 tons of surplus weapons-grade plutonium, and we are building a new global partnership that can greatly accelerate work in Russia, the former Soviet Union and beyond to safeguard dangerous materials, destroy chemical weapons stocks, and redirect the work of thousands of former weapons scientist.
Although the German government supported the sale, contending that there is a global interest in making weapons-grade plutonium less dangerous through better processing, the project has been put on hold.
The title story offers a picture of Moscow today, as seen through the severely botched sale of weapons-grade plutonium by a dismissed nuclear power plant worker to men who assume the powder is from Bolivia and thus best when snorted.
The Canadian government is proceeding with the import of weapons-grade plutonium fuel (MOX) into Canada from the U.S.