Weapon-Related Injury

A general non-specific term for any injury cause by firearms, sharp instruments, or blunt instruments
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To improve characterization of these problems, in 1989, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (MDPH) began a pilot project to develop the first emergency-department - based statewide Weapon-Related Injury Surveillance System (WRISS) in the United States [3].
The MDPH is using WRISS data to establish an enhanced firearm surveillance system by linking it with mortality and hospital discharge data to estimate weapon-related injury costs, identifying potential risk factors through interviews with victims of unintentional GSWs, and interviewing violence-related GSW victims to assess data validity and provide additional information on victim-offender relationships and precipitating circumstances.
The development of WRISS in Massachusetts has established the feasibility and utility of a statewide, emergency-department - based surveillance system for weapon-related injury. In addition, this system may provide guidance in developing surveillance systems in other states.