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wave·num·ber (σ),

The number of waves per centimeter (cm-1), used to simplify the large and unwieldy numbers heretofore used to designate frequency.
See also: wave number.
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Each slope is equal to [absolute value of [DELTA][gamma]]/[absolute value of [DELTA]k], where [DELTA][gamma] represents the amplitude difference between the peak of the main lobe and the peak of the first side lobe, and [DELTA]k defines the variation of the wavenumber peaks.
value) of gelatin gel from skin pretreated for a longer time were in agreement with the shift of Amide A and B to the lower wavenumber (Figure 2).
60] showed a shift in the carbonyl absorption to higher wavenumbers compared to formamide in pure toluene.
1] peak in the liquid water spectrum, the peaks in the water ice spectrum shift towards lower wavenumbers with decreasing temperature at the same rate of ~0.
In order to highlight the benefits of the mathematical formulation used in this paper, it is sometimes convenient to define the wavenumber vector [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and the position vector [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and then rewrite [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
This indicates that the parameters in the scheme (19) may vary according to the wavenumber k.
We observe that even though the KdV equation and the BBM equation are valid at the same level of approximation, the group velocity of linear waves for the BBM equation is bounded for all wavenumbers while the group velocity of linear waves for the KdV equation has no lower bound.
Assignment Observed band Expected band wavenumber wavenumber ([cm.
The FTIR instrument operates in a single-beam mode and is capable of data collection over a wavenumber range of 400-4000 [cm.
where f [x, y, z(x, y)] represents the target function of a single scatterer at (x, y) with altitude z(x, y), k = 2[pi]/c is the wavenumber, k [member of] [[k.
In comparison with the far-field scattering matrix, it not only is related to target physical structure V, wavenumber k, and incident angle ([phi], [theta]), but also depends on the distance r between radar and target center, antenna boresight error [[epsilon].