Watson-Jones, Sir Reginald

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Sir Reginald, English orthopedic surgeon, 1902-1972.
Watson-Jones anterior approach
Watson-Jones approach
Watson-Jones arthrodesis
Watson-Jones bone gouge
Watson-Jones bone lever
Watson-Jones classification of tibial tubercle avulsion fracture
Watson-Jones dressing
Watson-Jones elevator
Watson-Jones fracture repair
Watson-Jones frame
Watson-Jones gouge
Watson-Jones guide pin
Watson-Jones incision
Watson-Jones lateral approach
Watson-Jones ligament reconstruction
Watson-Jones nail
Watson-Jones operation
Watson-Jones procedure
Watson-Jones reconstruction
Watson-Jones repair
Watson-Jones tibial fracture classification
Watson-Jones traction
Watson-Jones tractor
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The modified Watson-Jones approach is a muscle-sparing technique that uses the tissue interval between the hip abductors and tensor fascia lata for surgery [20, 21].
A registry database of LDH-THAs performed using a modified Watson-Jones approach between 2006 and 2009 was reviewed after IRB approval (number 99-3737B).
Berger, "Outpatient minimally invasive total hip arthroplasty via a modified Watson-Jones approach: technique and results," Instructional Course Lectures, vol.
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