Watery Colloid

A term used by some cytopathologists for thyroid colloid that has a faintly lavender hue which, by Diff-Quik staining, often demonstrates a cracking artefact
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The finding that LBPs perform better than do conventional smears for benign goiters is not consistent with the suggestion some make that the key diagnostic features of watery colloid, larger-sized tissue fragments, or an inability to quantify the amount of colloid make LBPs suboptimal for the diagnosis of goiters.
Watery colloid and sparse fragments of inspissated colloid were identified in Diff-Quik-stained slides (Figure 4).
(11) In contrast to the bubble-gum colloid commonly seen in PTC, (12,13) we found inspissated and watery colloid in aspirate smears of SPHTN thyroid nodules.