sharpening stone

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shar·pen·ing stone

(shahrpĕn-ing stōn)
Natural or synthetic stone composed of abrasive particles used to restore a sharp cutting edge on a calculus removal instrument.
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He said Waterstones, which was previously Waterstone's, had initially gained success in part due to late opening hours, even opening on Sundays when the practice was still illegal.
As part of the expansion, the family firm will continue to offer the premium houses under the Waterstone Homes brand, while also introducing a new range of smaller properties through its new subsidiary company.
"We are extremely pleased to have Waterstone represent Travelive to the North American luxury travel market," said Panos Chalvantzis, Chairman and CEO of Travelive.
That brings the total number of branch offices operated by Waterstone to 64, the company said.
It was reported yesterday that the contract has been signed granting Waterstone Pharmaceutical (HK) exclusive worldwide rights to develop and commercialise SCY-635 to treat viral diseases in humans.
BOOKSELLER Waterstones is to close one of its two Hudders-field stores by the end of this month, it has emerged.
He was appointed as Waterstone Homes' rst Homes' rst member in 2003 and was responsible for building the business, leading land acquisition, planning, technical, project management and sales.
There'll be fun in-store for all the family this Saturday when Waterstone's celebrates its new look at its Bold Street branch, with a host of special activities.
HMV also said it will close Ottakar's office in Salisbury and two in London as it moved all administrative work to the Waterstone's head office.
HMV said it will close "a handful" of bookshops where Ottakar's and Waterstone's overlap, as well as Ottakar's offices in Salisbury, London Bridge and Clapham.
Tim Waterstone went public with his private equity-backed offer amid fears that HMV was stalling for time so it could decide whether to revive its campaign for Ottakar's.
The entrepreneur claims Waterstone's has lost its way since HMV took it over in 1998.