sharpening stone

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shar·pen·ing stone

(shahrpĕn-ing stōn)
Natural or synthetic stone composed of abrasive particles used to restore a sharp cutting edge on a calculus removal instrument.
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In February of 2014, Gerke was appointed vice president, controller and principal accounting officer of Waterstone Financial, Inc.
Waterstone has been building high quality homes for 70 years and has constructed over 500 in South Wales and the south west of England in the past ten years.
Mr Waterstone confirmed his bid vehicle, Children's Stores, had decided not to pursue its interest in Hamleys.
It is the parent company to Waterstone Mortgage that offers mortgage banking offices in 23 US states.
In March, the group rejected a pounds 180 million bid by Waterstone's founder Tim Waterstone to buy back the chain.
Mr Waterstone set up the book chain that bears his name in 1982 and revealed yesterday that he would install himself as chairman if he secured control, with former Penguin UK boss Anthony Forbes Watson taking the role of chief executive.
A GBP280m indicative offer for UK-based bookseller Waterstone's from the chain's founder Tim Waterstone has reportedly been dismissed by the HMV Group's board.
Tim Waterstone cut his ties with music and books retailer HMV Media Group yesterday, freeing himself to buy back the HMV-owned book store chain he founded.
Plans by businessman Tim Waterstone to buy back the book store chain that bears his name fell apart yesterday.
A deal valued at GBP250m is reportedly being put together by the founder of the Waterstone's book store chain, Tim Waterstone, to buy back the company.