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David J., 20th-century British thoracic and pediatric surgeon. See: Waterston operation, Waterston shunt.
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HOLLYWOOD actor Sam Waterston paid a flying visit to Cardiff yesterday to discuss marine conservation with some of the world's leading scientists and political figures.
Black, Glasgow ABORN in Massachusetts in 1940, Waterston is best known for his Oscar-nominated role in the 1984 film The Killing Fields about the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia and for his role as Jack McCoy in the long-running TV drama Law And Order.
Town councillor Tony Miles questioned why money belonging to theWaterston community near Milford should be spent on a study that could become out of date if plans were to be put on hold for years due to lack of funding He said the bypass was needed but was concerned that money allocated for the Waterston community could be lost.
The effort's chief spokesman is "Law & Order" star Sam Waterston.
The five members elected to three-year terms from the New York division include ``Law & Order'' star Sam Waterston, the top vote-getter, and Oscar-winner Cliff Robertson.
Thomas Dickson, Richard Lishman, Ray Prince, Duncan Waterston and Lisa Clarke David Thursfield, Paul Jones, Simon Burch and Chris Rushton Duncan Waterston, David Folley, Victoria Jolliffe and Robin Barnes Mellissa Hooper, Shelly Merchant, Camila Pema and Ditesh Dhaya
TONGA coach Dave Waterston last night fired the first shots ahead of Friday's clash by claiming that two England players should have been cited for foul play.
Alistair Waterston has been accused of pulling one boy out of the classroom by his hair and grabbing a second pupil by the scruff of the neck and pinning him against a wall at the 100-pupil Comrie primary, near Crieff, Perthshire.
The program is hosted by acclaimed actor Sam Waterston of Law & Order and is titled, "Because Nobody Goes There.
MURDER suspect David Waterston has appeared at Newcastle Crown Court charged with killing Jodie Wilkinson.
Image: Firm but fair official Best known for: Playing Jack McCoy in Law & Order Early life: Samuel Atkinson Waterston was born on November 15, 1940, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Audrey Katherine Waterston Cary Evan Enderle Tony Dan Cozzens Keith Cooper Daniels Deniece Meredith Holzman Donna Tanya Fischer Dave Rob Yang Lyle Ben Beckley Robert Roy Edroso Veronica Emily Hyberger Martin David Skeist