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A perennial aquatic plant that contains glycosides, minerals, vitamins A, C, E, niacin, and volatile oils; it is diuretic, expectorant
Indications Internally, coughs and bronchitis, diabetes, weakness; topically, a poultice for gout, rheumatic disease
Warning Watercress may be a vector for liver flukes, and must be cleaned
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| See watercress.co.uk SIMPLE PASSION FRUIT CHEESECAKES Ingredients (serves 4) 4 stem ginger biscuits 20g butter, melted 4 Waitrose large passion fruit 250g pack Essential Waitrose Creamy Soft Cheese 150g Greek-style coconut yogurt 3 tbsp icing sugar METHOD 1.
Why then, we might wonder, has watercress not been widely hailed as a "super-food?" Probably because its reputation has been ruined in the past by occasional bad experiences with it.
Safeek Ali, dietician and nutritionist at the Mediclinic Welfare Hospital, said: "Watercress is a leafy vegetable with a peppery, tangy flavour.
pepper SALAD 2 oranges or blood oranges 1 firm-ripe avocado 1 head red or yellow Belgian endive, or 1/2 small head radicchio, leaves separated 1 bunch watercress, large stems removed.
watercress with Lemon-Camu Vinagrette and cover until ready to use.
Crumble some feta over the top and serve STRAWBERRY, CUCUMBER AND WATERCRESS SALAD (serves 4) ingredients 1 large cucumber, cut into strips; 500g strawberries; 4 handfuls of watercress leaves; 1tbsp white wine vinegar; 1tsp caster sugar; a handful of torn mint leaves; extra-virgin olive oil; sea salt and pepper method?
From the University of Southampton comes new research that shows that a plant compound in watercress may have the ability to suppress breast cancer cell development by "turning off" a signal in the body and thereby starving the growing tumor of essential blood and oxygen.
Produce retailers, listen up: B&W Quality Growers has launched a consumer activist reward program - "Watercress Rangers" - which will give fans of this dark, leafy green a chance to convert their enthusiasm into cash by persuading their local grocery store or produce market to stock the product.
London, Sept 14 (ANI): Eating a portion of watercress every day could help prevent breast cancer, according to a new research.
Watercress is a grassy, peppery plant that grows in wet places like streams and river banks.
Their little-known cousin, watercress, also shows extraordinary potential in the realm of cancer prevention and management, as well as offering the culinary versatility of a delicious leafy green.