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Formation of a gap or groove between the cavity preparation margin and the restorative material.


n See ditch.
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Visibility in the cockpit and over the nose is excellent, especially for water landings, where the attitude is a little flatter than it appears to be in a three-point runway landing.
The pilot elected to do a water landing on the Willimantic Reservoir, which was close to the end of the runway, but had too much speed.
It's tempting to think Scotland has its own Chesley Sullenburger, the hero of the Hudson River water landing, manning the Puma.
Visa credit card carries the organization's logo and depicts two ducks about to make a water landing.
The pilot slowed the airplane and prepared for a water landing.
e survived thanks to unique combination of currents, which have been created what kayakers believe to be the softest water landing in the world.
SALVAGE crews have hoisted a US Airways jetliner from the Hudson River and onto a barge days after its pilot made a split-second decision to attempt a water landing to avoid a "catastrophic" crash over populated areas.
Upon reaching the destination, the pilot noted the wind had died down and prepared for a glassy water landing.
The Krucker Amphib is the only trike that allows the installation of floats for water landings or skis for snow, in addition to the standard wheels, Krucker says.
Geiger has forced Annie into the plane, but as it takes off Alex gives chase and scrambles onto a pontoon, the flotation skid used for water landings.
The flight test included two completely autonomous water landings.
Students practice pinnacle landings, confined areas, off-airport operations, and water landings.