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A perennial aquatic plant that contains glycosides, minerals, vitamins A, C, E, niacin, and volatile oils; it is diuretic, expectorant
Indications Internally, coughs and bronchitis, diabetes, weakness; topically, a poultice for gout, rheumatic disease
Warning Watercress may be a vector for liver flukes, and must be cleaned
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Rabbits are usually able to easily digest dandelion leaves, romaine lettuce, mustard greens, water cress, parsley, Bok choy, clover and basil.
There are no recipes for wild mushroom and water cress soup on the internet.
"I'm eating pasta, water cress, chicken, fish - all healthy foods with no fat in.
"We began with goldfish and water cress and it worked beautifully," said Rowena.
So the smoked salmon starter is Nidderdale oak roast smoked salmon with potato blini, Pickering water cress and chive creme fraiche (pounds 7.50).
WATER CRESS was yesterday revealed as the latest cancer fighting superfood.
The impact is reduced by eating them with Vitamin C-rich (peppers, water cress, broccoli) and Vitamin E-rich (fish, nuts and seeds) foods.
The common nasturtium provides food as well as cover because the crisp, peppery leaves, like water cress, add extra bite to salads and the flower buds are a substitute for capers.
Arrange a near pile of water cress in the centre of four plates and place slices of smoked duck equally over each pile of water cress.
When 29-year-old Jacques Gibot went away on a two-week business trip to Russia, she went to his flat in Toulouse, France, and poured gallon after gallon of water through the letter box, then sprinkled water cress seeds.
Then there's American land cress, slightly more peppery than water cress. It has a bushy habit and does not need to be grown in boggy conditions.
They were especially delighted with the quality of the broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, capsicums, and varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergine, courgette, herbs, salads, spring onions and water cress. According to both chefs, it was 'heaven' for fresh food connoisseurs.