Water Lily Sign

A rare radiologic finding most often due to a cyst in the lung or liver with a laminated collapsed capsule and floating scolices outlined by air within the cyst, typical of echinococcal (hydatid) cysts
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However, pre-operative diagnosis of pelvic hydatid diseases can be possible with imaging study such as USG, CT scan by noting features such as multilocular appearance, cyst wall calcification, a fluid level from hydatid sand and the ultrasonic water lily sign. [5] However, in the present case, USG and CT scan could not detect such abnormality.
Three years later she was re-admitted with complaints of breathlessness, wheezing and cough with expectoration and reevaluation CT scan of chest showed classical sign of ruptured hydatid cyst (water lily sign) and increase in size of other cyst.
Water lily sign on MR imaging of primary intramuscular hydatidosis of sartorius muscle.