hazardous waste

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hazardous waste

Waste material, such as nuclear waste or an industrial byproduct, that is potentially damaging to the environment and harmful to humans and other organisms.

hazardous waste

Occupational health Any unwanted waste product that poses a hazard or potential hazard to human health, which may be generated by a manufacturing process–eg, radioactive gas cylinders, chemicals, pesticides, acids, and liquid or by a health care facility, including regulated biohazardous waste. See Regulated waste, Toxic dump.

haz·ar·dous waste

(hazărd-ŭs wāst)
Debris, trash, or byproducts from dental procedures that pose a risk.

hazardous waste,

n any material, gas, liquid, or solid substance that has the potential to cause injury or illness; that in an unprotected state poses a risk to the environment, including plant or animal life.
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Through Clean Harbors' Technical Services Division, customers with any quantity of waste, hazardous or non-hazardous, from one drum of waste to 20-ton bulk shipments, are easily serviced efficiently and cost effectively.
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Whether it is a question regarding solid waste, special waste, hazardous waste or recycling, Sears' knows that it can call a single toll-free number and have Waste Management identify and implement solutions in a timely manner.
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Vertere manages hazardous waste, hazardous material and chemical documentation and inventory control for customers in the United States, Canada, and Europe, among whom are many of the world's largest companies and also for preeminent institutions.
The contract is subdivided into several items: garbage, glass, kitchen waste, paper and cardboard, PMD, cooking oil, hazardous medical waste, hazardous waste (fluorescent lamps and toners), electrical appliances, confidential documents, bulky mixed .
Diagnostics may include some or all of the following services: - Visiting companies, diagnostics, assessing the impact of the activity on the sanitation system (s) and the environment (s) ) Receiver (s) and verification of regulatory compliance (water, waste, hazardous products); - Plotting of internal networks to verify compliance of connections to the collection system and provision of a schematic plan of the sewerage networks; - Writing a diagnostic / visit report; - Preparation of authorization documents for the discharge of effluents from the company; - Accompaniment after diagnosis.
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The Consultant must have performed similar work for other communities and must have strong knowledge of legislation related to solid waste, hazardous waste and recycling.