Wassermann test

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nontreponemal antigen test

any of various tests detecting serum antibodies to reagin (cardiolipin and lecithin) derived from host tissues in the diagnosis of the Treponema pallidum infection of syphilis.

Was·ser·mann test

a complement-fixation test used in the diagnosis of syphilis; originally the "antigen" was an extract of liver from a syphilitic fetus, but later the active substance, referred to as cardiolipin, was found to be present in normal tissues, including heart, and has been identified as a diphosphatidylglycerol.
Synonym(s): Wassermann reaction

Wassermann test

A diagnostic test for syphilis involving the fixation or inactivation of complement by an antibody in a blood serum sample.


August P. von, German bacteriologist, 1866-1925.
provocative Wassermann test - an obsolete test of historical interest only.
Wassermann antibody - evoked during syphilitic infection.
Wassermann reaction - Synonym(s): Wassermann test
Wassermann test - a complement-fixation test used in the diagnosis of syphilis. Synonym(s): Wassermann reaction