Wassermann reaction

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Was·ser·mann test

a complement-fixation test used in the diagnosis of syphilis; originally the "antigen" was an extract of liver from a syphilitic fetus, but later the active substance, referred to as cardiolipin, was found to be present in normal tissues, including heart, and has been identified as a diphosphatidylglycerol.
Synonym(s): Wassermann reaction
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Wassermann reaction

A complement-fixing reaction that occurs in the Wassermann test.
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Wassermann reaction

A now obsolescent COMPLEMENT-FIXATION test for SYPHILIS. The Wassermann test is not entirely specific for syphilis and, for a positive diagnosis, tests such as the Treponema pallidum haemagglutination assay (TPHA) or a fluorescein-labelled antibody test (FTA-ABS) are used. See also VDRL. (August Paul von Wassermann, 1866–1925, German pathologist).
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August P. von, German bacteriologist, 1866-1925.
provocative Wassermann test - an obsolete test of historical interest only.
Wassermann antibody - evoked during syphilitic infection.
Wassermann reaction - Synonym(s): Wassermann test
Wassermann test - a complement-fixation test used in the diagnosis of syphilis. Synonym(s): Wassermann reaction
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