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August P. von, German bacteriologist, 1866-1925. See: Wassermann antibody, Wassermann reaction, Wassermann test, provocative Wassermann test.
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"He's still pulling glass out of himself," Wasserman said.
A third source, who's familiar with Imran Awan, told TheDCNF that Awan recounted the intervention in the foreign criminal matter and that Awan said it was Wasserman Schultz who intervened.
Wasserman stresses that the future in the narrow web market is the ability to make nimble, quick changes, which is an area where Cyngient excels.
Prior to joining Scripps, Wasserman spent 33 years with Post-Newsweek Stations (now Graham Media Group) in various leadership roles.
Wasserman said the county could pursue legal action if a company doesn't comply with a permit.
Born and raised in New York and New Jersey, Wasserman graduated from Rutgers College and started off at Prager & Fenton--"a great place to learn the ropes, and I still have a relationship with them"--and then moved to RZO Management.
Stem will work alongside Wasserman in identifying investment opportunities, overseeing property management for the company's existing portfolio, working with lenders to finance new acquisitions, and to spearhead initiatives to expand the company's presence in Brooklyn and throughout the New York City region.
Wasserman Schultz and a handful of similarly-minded people held a news conference that morning in the courtyard of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Fort Lauderdale.
Our sustainability practices are a natural extension of that mantra,” said Mike Wasserman. “After wrapping up a large food photo shoot, we package leftovers and deliver to The Greater Cleveland Food Bank or similar organizations who strive to combat hunger issues in our community.
The crows managed to pick the correct card about three-quarters of the time, Wasserman and his colleagues report December 18 in Current Biology.
Wisconsin's Own: Twenty Remarkable Houses features full-page color photos by Zane Williams, illustrations by authors Connolly and Wasserman, and represents a collaboration between all involved and the Wisconsin Historical Society in researching some 1,500 potential homes before featuring just twenty of the state's most notable residences.
Silver sat in on an interview conducted by a Cook Political forecaster called David Wasserman who covers the House of Representatives races.