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Robert, German neurologist, 1887-1956. See: Wartenberg symptom.
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Contract award: delivery of a hubrettungsfahrzeuges dla (k) 23/12 for the market wartenberg.
The purpose is to stimulate philosophical inquiry and engage children in thoughtful discussions, as promoted by Tom Wartenberg.
After his retirement from the WCC at the end of 1984, Potter married Barbel von Wartenberg of Germany, a former director of the WCC's sub-unit on Women in Church and Society (Doreen had died in 1980).
The review was limited to books with the word "examination" in the title, with exceptions for the texts of Robert Wartenberg and Gordon Holmes, which were included because of their historical significance.
On the other hand, some educators such as Tom Wartenberg do not regard formal training as necessary in becoming an effective P4C facilitator.
I was born after the fall of the Wall," said Thuringia native and consulate intern Wiebke Wartenberg.
In 1962, he married Carla Wartenberg, they divorced in 1966.
5] algae/mL artificial seawater (ASW; Tropic Marine salt mix, Wartenberg, Germany; prepared with sterile tap water).
For example, scholars and policy makers can use attendance boundary data to investigate unique questions such as the extent to which local districts delineate their boundaries to reduce or contribute to racial and economic segregation (Heckman and Taylor 1969), for studies of public health and epidemiology (Elliott and Wartenberg 2004, Diez Roux 2001, Krieger 2006, Krieger et al.
Bodin talked the UO philosophy department into offering a class to encompass the project - and letting him teach it - after stumbling on a book, "Big Ideas for Little Kids" by Mount Holyoke College philosophy professor Thomas Wartenberg.
People were bonking all over the BBC" Actress Louise Jameson recalls the 1970s MAY "The question of whether it is truly sexually gratifying to have a Wartenberg pinwheel roll over your nipples while handcuffed to a stretcher bar with a ball gag in your mouth is something I hadn't really thought about in the sheltered life I lead.