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Robert, German neurologist, 1887-1956. See: Wartenberg symptom.
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The attempt of the media to focus on human interest, conflicting information, blame, and political symbolism may not always be conducive to the presentation of correct and unbiased information (Greenberg and Wartenberg 1990).
Geographic variation patterns were initially analyzed with a canonical trend surface analysis (CTS) (Lee 1969; Wartenberg 1985).
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They first provide an update on the epidemiologic studies that have been published since the Wartenberg et al.
The process also imprints clear signatures in the spatial patterns of genetic variation, which in turn are reflected in characteristic values of Wright's F-statistics and spatial autocorrelation and other spatial statistics (Sokal and Wartenberg 1983).
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1997; McLaughlin and Blot 1997; National Toxicology Program (NTP) 2002; Wartenberg et al.
There is a characteristic depression of heterozygosity within [as measured by Wright's (1965) [F.sub.IS]] and among [as measured by Wright's (1965) [F.sub.ST]] neighborhoods, as evidenced by a monotonic temporal rise of allelic variance (Rohlf and Schnell 1971; Sokal 1979; Sokal and Wartenberg 1981; Turner et al.
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Hore P, Robson M, Freeman N, Zhang J, Wartenberg D, Ozkaynak H, et al.
Examples of the latter include spatial autocorrelation (Sokal and Wartenberg 1983; Slatkin and Arter 1991) and Wright's (1951) F-statistics.
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