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Dean, U.S. surgeon, 1924-1989. See: Warren shunt.
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As Mary Warren saw that her friend was serious she changed the subject; soon after, we were set down at Mr.
I do not know WHY it is, but both you and Mary Warren appear to be always thinking of Mr.
But at last he died raving, and they found as he'd left all his property, Warrens and all, to a Lunnon Charity, and that's how the Warrens come to be Charity Land; though, as for the stables, Mr.
A few weeks after the departure of the troops, Commodore Warren sent a small vessel to Boston with two French prisoners.
Miss Warren," said the youth with a lip that betrayed by its tremulous motion the interest he took in her speech--"never includes a long period of time.
left this place when his lady died, feeling it lonely like, and went up to London, where he stopped some months; but finding that place as lonely as this--as I suppose and have always heard say--he suddenly came back again with his little girl to the Warren, bringing with him besides, that day, only two women servants, and his steward, and a gardener.
On a May morning in 1990, Marlene Warren opened her door Wellington, Florida, to find a clown standing in front of her.
Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts sits near the top of pundits' lists of possible running mates for Hillary Clinton.
Warren's four brothers and sisters were all Siamese seal point white kittens with musical mews, while Warren was more of a sandy colored Siamese, with fluffy fur, and instead of mewing, Warren honked.
WORLD boxing champion Ricky Burns is being sued for PS300,000 by his former promoter Frank Warren.
The Letters of Austin Warren, edited by George Panichas (Macon, GA: Mercer UP, 2011)
Warren aficionados would expect such a volume to contain worthy essays on Warren's friendships with prominent literary figures such as Cleanth Brooks and Ralph Ellison (which it does), but many of this book's considerable successes are to be found in its essays on Warren's interactions with lesser lights such as Pier Pasinetti, David Milch, and Elizabeth Madox Roberts, as well as the essays about Warren and well-known writers such as Brooks, Ellison, Robert Lowell, William Styron, Thomas Wolfe, and James Dickey.