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A violation of established protections of the laws of war, which is defined by international law—e.g., the Hague and Geneva Conventions
Examples of war crimes Mistreatment, deportation, enslavement and/or mass murder of prisoners of war, hostages or civilians, genocide, and wanton destruction of population centres and any devastation not justified by military, or civilian necessity
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The analysis and recommendations presented in this report on the processing of war crimes cases by the Prosecutors Office of BiH are based on the findings of the OSCE Mission to BiHs Trial Monitoring Programme and the Missions implementation of the War Crimes Monitoring Project financed by the European Union.
Courts must also wield more effective ways to punish the financial crimes that often accompany war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.
Given the scope of war crimes and breadth of the catastrophe, the United States and its allies in Europe must halt all their weapons sales or risk being complicit in the Saudi-UAE war crimes.
He fears that is exactly what would happen should the perpetrators of vicious crimes be allowed to escape responsibility, as Liberia's Foreign Minister Milton Gbehzongar Findley seems to be insinuating by calling for a referendum to establish a war crime tribunal.
international and domestic war crimes prosecution over the past two
This week, the US military while disciplining some of its rogue members failed to acknowledge their war crime only saying that it was a mistake.
Citing Rome Statute Article 8, Santiago said war crimes apply to armed conflicts that take place in the territory of a state when there is protracted armed conflict by the governmental authorities and organized armed groups.
Asked if Mr Blair should be charged with war crimes, he said: "If he's committed a war crime, yes.
Asked if Blair should be charged with war crimes, he said: "If he's committed a war crime, yes.
Pressed on whether he would like to see Mr Blair put on trial, he said: "I want to see all those that committed war crimes tried for it, and those that made the decisions that went with it."
The US opposition to the bid by the Palestinian Authority to bringIsrael to theInternational Criminal Court for war crimes in Gaza is the result of pressure from the Israeli lobby,says an investigative journalist.
New York (AirGuide Features - Inside Air Travel) Tue, Jul 22, 2014 - The Red Cross has made a confidential legal assessment that Ukraine is officially in a war, Western diplomats and officials say, opening the door to possible war crimes prosecutions, including over the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.