War on Drugs

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An initiative begun under the administration of US President Ronald Reagan that attempted to eliminate—or markedly decrease—drug abuse.
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In a statement, Aguirre said: "The dismissal is a slight bump on our war against drugs, it is likewise a wake up [call] to all concerned that our efforts, from apprehension to resolution to conviction must be concerned and thorough.
Summary: People urged to elect those who are actively fighting the war against drugs at the village level
Saying that winning the war against drugs lies not in senseless violence, Belmonte pointed out that their focus is "on life and giving surrenderees a second chance.
The mayor announced his plan to give P50,000 financial assistance to policemen who kill criminals in doing their job after President Duterte brought back the Philippine National Police (PNP) in the forefront of the war against drugs.
Despite thousands of people killed in the war against drugs in the Philippines, the country will not turn into another Colombia, Martin Andanar, Philippine presidential communications operations secretary, said at a town hall meeting with leaders of the Filipino community in Dubai on Sunday.
The President shall therefore remain undistracted and it shall be governance as usual with his full and undivided attention in winning the war against drugs, criminality and corruption.
Terming drug addiction a "national problem just like militancy," Badal said, "We are waging the nation's war against drugs.
DECLARING a war against drugs, Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal on Tuesday said in Kapurthala that the government would leave no stone unturned in checking the menace of drugs in the state.
Recent ongoing operations speak of devotion of Anti Narcotics Force in war against drugs and to make Pakistan a Drug Free Society.
We have been engaged in a war against drugs for 30 years.
We are, however, increasing our vigil and awareness programmes and are winning the war against drugs," he said.
In a relentless campaign against those who peddle misery on Teesside, Cleveland Police has scored a string of high-profile victories in the war against drugs.