War on Drugs

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An initiative begun under the administration of US President Ronald Reagan that attempted to eliminate—or markedly decrease—drug abuse.
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DESPITE the millions of pounds spent in the war against drugs it took a humble toilet cleaner to find a pounds 1million stash of opium.
The arrest of almost 100 drug dealers on O'Connell Street in Operation Mainstreet is another indication that the Gardai are winning the war against drugs.
But there is one MSP who is potty enough to march against the people and advance an argument that would weaken the war against drugs.
It is good that someone in a key role in the war against drugs knows what he is talking about.
Prof Plant said: "If there is a war against drugs in this country, then we are losing it.
To demonstrate that by coming together, the people of this country can win the war against drugs.
It shows the Govern-ment's resolve to wage war against drugs.
The war against drugs has been lost as it is a war which could not have been won.
Yesterday Church bosses joined in the fight to get parents involved in the war against drugs.
The Prime Minister said: "First of all, I am passionate about the war against drugs.
Brownsaid:"This war against drugs will never be won by Government alone but can only be won neighbourhood by neighbourhood across the country.
Interim, the Manager of a sober house known as The Coin, Chance to change located at Kimara in Dar es Salaam, Khamis Shuila, said that the KIU venture will be helpful in the war against drugs.