Wangensteen, Owen H.

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Owen H., U.S. surgeon, 1898-1981.
Wangensteen apparatus
Wangensteen awl
Wangensteen carrier
Wangensteen clamp
Wangensteen colostomy
Wangensteen dissector
Wangensteen drain
Wangensteen drainage - continuous drainage by suction through an indwelling gastric or duodenal tube.
Wangensteen dressing
Wangensteen duodenal tube
Wangensteen forceps
Wangensteen herniorrhaphy
Wangensteen needle
Wangensteen needle holder
Wangensteen suction - a modified siphon that maintains constant negative pressure, used with a duodenal tube for the relief of gastric and intestinal distention. Synonym(s): Wangensteen tube
Wangensteen tissue inverter
Wangensteen trocar
Wangensteen tube - Synonym(s): Wangensteen suction
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