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August F., German anatomist, 1688-1746. See: Walther dilator, Walther canals, Walther ducts, Walther ganglion, Walther plexus.
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WALTHER ARMS has another classic in the making in its new PPQ Q4 TAC 9mm pistol.
Edward girls basketball team defeated Walther Christian on the road Thursday to win a share of the Metro Suburban Red Conference.
With the innovative option "gap rinsing" the new Turbotron centrifugal disk finishing machines from Walther Trowal are ideal for finishing extremely thin fine-blanked parts.
Walther is one of those companies that seems to alternate between hibernation and hyperactivity when it comes to designing firearms.
com)-- Tier One automotive suppliers and systems integrators in the US will be happy to know that Walther Systemtechnik GmbH of Germersheim, Germany has appointed Air Flo Spray Equipment Company of Downers Grove, Illinois as its distribution partner for the United States of America.
A customer brought in a Walther P38 (9mm P1 stamped 4/64) with an issue concerning the hammer not falling when the hammer is cocked and the safety put on.
Many folks think of Walther as a high-end boutique brand that's for those with deep pockets and a deep appreciation for German engineering.
22 Walther bullets without a firearms licence at his South Dublin home on January 29, 2015.
With the Glock 43 getting so much attention, you may have overlooked this handy compact auto loader from Walther.
I do not dispute the authority of Lottery Director Bishop Woosley or of his new boss, Department of Finance & Administration Director Larry Walther, to hire and fire anyone they want, with or without good cause.
These include the 1911 Government Model, naturally, the Browning Hi-Power--and the pocket pistols of Walther.
Walther, 61, a former longtime resident of Clinton, currently living in Framingham, died Saturday, May 3, in the Kathleen Daniels Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Framingham, after a long illness.