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Albert M., U.S. pediatrician, 1884-1945. See: Stevens-Johnson syndrome.
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Mind of Winter: Wallace Stevens, Meditation, and Literature.
Eliot's and Wallace Steven's Ivy League diplomas were typical for male poets of their generation, Philip Levine's state school education and Etheridge Knight's self-education while in prison prove that poetry is less and less a means of expression for only the wealthy.
You see--I'm on my couch in between Wallace Stevens and Shopaholic
Borrowing a line from Stevens, when it comes to choosing between the variety of Galileo images available, we may ultimately find ourselves unable to decide "which to prefer, / The beauty of inflections / or the beauty of innuendos." (Wallace Stevens, "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird," Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens, 93).
Wallace Stevens Journal, High Plains Literary Review, and New Letters.
There are eight essays: Wallace Stevens' Harmonium: the Course of a Particular; On the Use of the Sonnet in Romeo and Juliet, or 'But Where's the Bloody Horse?'; The Community of Interpretation: T.
In the title poem, the speaker addresses her father, cast as Othello: "I am writing myself into your story / because you murder again / not knowing my birth." Kocher's references, in fact, range from Louise Gluck and Wallace Stevens to Greek myth and Buddhism.
Borrowing from Wallace Stevens, Fraser distinguishes "two ways poetry takes": a synthetic Poetry of Inflections that "depends on rhetoric rather than ratiocination," and an analytic Poetry of Innuendoes "working through figures and giving intellect priority" (vi).
(Lish is our Beckett.) Although Lish quotes Wallace Stevens on the last page--"Thou are not August unless I make thee so"--he recognizes that making, narrating, cannot create August.
His A Blessed Rage for Order scarcely mentions literary works per se, save for the title's allusion to a Wallace Stevens poem.