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(wŏl′ĭs), Alfred Russel 1823-1913.
British naturalist who developed a concept of evolution that paralleled the work of Charles Darwin.
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Wallace is predeceased by seven brothers and one sister - Franklin Wallace, Edward Wallace, Royal Wallace, John Wallace, Robert Wallace, Lester Wallace, David Wallace and Majorie Wallace.
Wallace was charged with unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling.
But Wallace works methodically within the unresolved contradictions of his practice, giving equal status to visual and textual modes.
Many of the strongest and most heartfelt pieces concern black visual artists, a group that Wallace was first exposed to at an early age through her mother's influence.
Wallace says that both of the engines are based on the Vortec 4200 16 that's used in the Chevy Trail Blazer.
It's this sense of integrity, says Wallace that is the pillar of budding wealth and success in business.
4 percent of the electorate for Wallace, as opposed to 2.
The federal government will pay it, but will try to collect a certain amount from us," said Bishop Wallace.
By 1932, when FDR was first nominated, Wallace was well known.
6) despite the profusion of narrative material that the contemporary city offered: Wallace makes this absence visible by contrasting the Canterbury Tales with "its Italian twin," Boccaccio's Decameron, in which Florence is all important.
In pursuing this "ecological pneumatology," Wallace avoids the language and tradition of metaphysical philosophy which, he argues, has bequeathed to us intellectually untenable and ethically and spiritually unhelpful notions of the Spirit as a metaphysical entity or principle of consciousness.
Wallace of Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta.