latent phase

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latent phase

the early stage of labor that is characterized by irregular, infrequent, and mild contractions and little or no dilation of the cervix or descent of the fetus. Also called prodromal labor. See also Friedman curve.


(faz) [Gr. phasis, an appearance]
1. A stage of development.
2. A transitory appearance.
3. In chemistry, a distinct component of a larger, heterogeneous system, as oil or water when the two are mixed.

aqueous phase

The water portion of a mixture of liquids and solids or of immiscible liquids and of gases.

continuous phase

The state of a substance in a heterogeneous system in which particles are continuous, e.g., the water particles in which oil has been dispersed.

death phase

In cellular biology, the period that begins when cells in culture exhaust their nutrient supply and begin to die.

disperse phase

The state of a substance in a heterogeneous system in which particles are separated from each other, e.g., oil particles in water.

eclipse phase

The phase of the viral life cycle during which a virus enters a cell to parasitize it. The phase includes the attachment of the virus to the cell membrane, penetration of the cell by the virus, and the uncoating of the virus once it has entered the cytoplasm. During this phase in its life cycle, no progeny virus is found within the cell.

isometric contraction phase

The first phase in contraction of the ventricle of the heart in which ventricular pressure increases but there is no decrease in volume of contents because semilunar valves are closed.

lag phase

Lag (2).

latent phase

Incubation (1).

log phase

That portion of the bacterial growth curve at which bacteria are reproducing at an exponential rate.