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A slang term for a patient who can ambulate and converse
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Limited Tenders are invited for WalkieTalkie GP 328 Motorola Two Way 5W VHF Radios 16 Channels Capacity, Switchable RE Power Level, 8 hours High Power 10 hours Low Power with standard Hi-Capacity NiMH battery, signal unit Charger 1 No.
Joking about a stolen walkietalkie with suspicious noises coming from it with Penn Badgley and Dakota Johnson on the set of Anarchy and losing Ed Harris on the same shoot are moments that also stick out.
Just before dawn our crackling walkietalkie reveals that a gang of hunters has been spotted on the brow of the hill.
``A security guard with a walkietalkie stands in the playground to makesurewekeeptoourown side.
My daughter pointed out he had a walkietalkie pressed to his ear and was looking worried.
She told the city's Crown Court a working walkietalkie was also found.
Wanderers' former No.2 will not be in the stand at Upton PArk barking instructions by walkietalkie to his assistant, as Allardyce liked to do.
Tenders are invited for Sound System Walkietalkie And Inverter System Stage Light System Projection System Rmo Efa System Repair Maintenance Operation Dg Set Rmo Ac Plant Etc Disposal Of Unserviceable Material in connection with Maintenance Of Various Services At Sirifort Auditorium New Delhi
Since the launch of the superb Stranger Things it's become a trend for films to feature groups of kids or teens cursing, scampering around on bikes and communicating via walkietalkies.
Equipped with high-tech thermal imaging cameras, walkietalkies and hi-vis uniforms, the search teams travel the length and breadth of the country in specially marked, high visibility Missing Pet Search Team vehicles emblazoned in fluorescent yellow and red - not dissimilar to police cars.
"We cover the estates and wear high-vis jackets and carry walkietalkies", Carl, a sales engineer said.