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A slang term for a patient who can ambulate and converse
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when he pushed me, the walkie-talkie fell from my hand and broke," the policeman said.
With the TTtalk Walkie-Talkie, people can enjoy lots of great features, like emoticons, stickers (moving emoticons), and express themselves with audiocons (voice emoticons).
POINTS DUTY Bradley Spry, eight, of Ebchester, loves acting as a policeman with his own uniform, walkie-talkie and handcuffs
The store declined to comment on the case, but a source said its clerks are now wearing walkie-talkies with straps.
FOR the duration of this review I will refer to these as walkie-talkies rather than two-way radio, which is what it's called on the box.
The little fella has pestered me for weeks to get him walkie-talkies after spotting them in a magazine.
After initially coming up with the idea of using walkie-talkies in the classroom, I surveyed my students regarding their feelings about the walkie-talkie system.
Paramor (right) is clearly a very trusting man because he left his walkie-talkie on the buggy.
While the walkie-talkie communications systems used by first responders tend to work well outdoors, the density of skyscapers, combined with the relative low power of the walkie talkie's battery-based signal, can cut off communications between the ground and those searching buildings.
The Motorola i560 provides Nextel's unmatched walkie-talkie capabilities, including the coast-to-coast and country-to- country reach of Nextel's Nationwide Direct Connect and International Direct Connect services.
Now in Canada, the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Peru and Brazil, NII's popular push-to-talk walkie-talkie service has typically been a favorite among corporate clients.
Each handset, which is secured and is not accessible for the driver to use while he or she is driving, is equipped with Comet Tracker, a GPS tracking application developed by ActSoft Inc., a leading transportation software developer, as well as Nextel Direct Connect[R] walkie-talkie service.