walk-in clinic

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1. an establishment where patients are admitted for special study and treatment by a group of health care professionals practicing together.
2. a clinical lecture; examination of patients before a class of students; instruction at the bedside.
satellite clinic a facility owned by a hospital but operated at a distant site.
walk-in clinic a facility that offers health care services without an appointment.

ambulatory care centre

A health service centre in the UK in which a patient is admitted and discharged on the same day. Ambulatory care centres provide an array of outpatient, imaging, day surgery and medical diagnostic services designed around the needs of the patient.

A free-standing facility that provides non-emergent medical, or less commonly, dental services. ACCs often have short waiting times, may not require appointments, and have a non-permanent or rotating medical staff; most visits to these centres occur outside of the regular work hours by patients who feel that their particular problem cannot wait until their private physician is available.

walk-in clinic

Ambulatory clinic, see there.

walk-in clinic

A general medical care clinic open to those who do not have an appointment.
See also: clinic
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It's not supposed to be a walk-in clinic, but yesterday we saw more walk-ins than appointments.
For those patients seeking services that were eliminated by the cuts, the walk-in clinic has become the "catch basin," nurse Tom Bretz said.
Doctor's Walk-in Clinics began their search for an EMR solution that was easy to use, flexible and customizable to address the needs of diverse specialties.