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Before the actual ballot, Amanda Kettlestring and Mark Hanson from the Waler Horse Society of Australia, outlined the conditions of adoption; in addition they stressed the need to keep these desert horses yarded and on dried grass feed.
The other quarter I fancy owed itself to a drop of Waler blood in her genealogy, from one of the thousands of Australian horses shipped to the Middle East in 1914 as Cavalry remounts.
91-meter waler, used during original Orange Line installation, at a depth of 12 meters.
Invention: The paperclip, by Norwegian Johann Waler, who thought the bent wire would hold papers together better than a few pins.
Gary Shepard Waler, director of Equal Economic Opportunity for the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games Inc.
Secretary Of Veterans Affairs, to Waler Andrew R, $99,000, 2338 Moore St, Eugene.
The event, held at Newcastle's Waler Dome, featured six intense match-ups between Newcastle (Canny Belters A team), Middlesbrough Milk Rollers, Rainy City Roller Girls and Leeds Roller Dolls.
The first endo-thermic peak is due to impurities of waler and free formaldehyde progressively eliminated during the dynamic ihennal treatment between 90 and 120 C.
This system uses a waler connected to the inside front of a standard Build-A-Box to install one-foot-wide corrugated aluminum sheets around crossing utilities near bottom of excavations to allow fast and safe excavating around the conflict and easy closure of space around crossed utility.
On Anglesey, two inches of water streamed across the ground floor of a property in Waler Street, Llannerchymedd.
Mix together waler, panthenol, helloxine and heat to 70[degrees]C.