Waldeyer-Hartz, Heinrich W. G. von

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Waldeyer-Hartz, Heinrich W. G. von,

Ger. anatomist, 1836–1921.

Waldeyer gland

A sweat gland of the eyelids. It is usually found most prominently in the lower lid margin.

Waldeyer ring

Lymphoid ring of the pharynx.
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Immune system in the body comprised of many components, of them palatine tonsils of Waldeyer ring has an important role.
Palatine tonsils are a specialized collection of lymphoid tissue and the largest component of Waldeyer ring which is a ring of lymphoid tissue located in the pharynx1.
We established the correct diagnosis of Waldeyer ring lymphoma by histology.
The bulk of the disease develops in the Waldeyer ring (palatine tonsils, nasopharyngeal adenoids, base of the tongue, and lingual tonsils).
(6) The most common site of lymphoma in the head and neck region is the Waldeyer ring. In the larynx, most cases arise in the supraglottic area (epiglottis and aryepiglottic folds) and spread to involve the glottis and, less commonly, the subglottis.
(1) Most head and neck extranodal lymphomas occur in the Waldeyer ring, nasopharynx, and tongue base.
The lingual tonsils, located at the base of the tongue, are part of the Waldeyer ring, which is made up of lymphoid tissue that surrounds the oropharyngeal inlet and includes the palatine tonsils and the adenoid pad.