Waldeyer, Heinrich G. von


Heinrich G. von, German anatomist and pathologist, 1836-1921.
Waldeyer fascia - rectal fascia.
Waldeyer fluid
Waldeyer forceps
Waldeyer fossae
Waldeyer glands - glands near the margins of the eyelids.
Waldeyer sheath - Synonym(s): Waldeyer space
Waldeyer space - the tubular space between the bladder wall and the intramural portion of the ureter. Synonym(s): Waldeyer sheath
Waldeyer sulcus
Waldeyer throat ring - the broken ring of lymphoid tissue, formed of the lingual, faucial, and pharyngeal tonsils. Synonym(s): lymphoid ring
Waldeyer tract - Synonym(s): Waldeyer zonal layer
Waldeyer zonal layer - a longitudinal bundle of thin, unmyelinated and poorly myelinated fibers capping the apex of the posterior horn of the spinal gray matter. Synonym(s): dorsolateral fasciculus; Waldeyer tract
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