(Waldeyer-Hartz) (vawl'dī-er, hahrts),
Heinrich W.G. von, German anatomist and pathologist, 1836-1921. See: Waldeyer fossae, Waldeyer glands, Waldeyer zonal layer, Waldeyer throat ring, Waldeyer sheath, Waldeyer space, Waldeyer tract.
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Fasshauer M, Waldeyer T, Seeger J, Schrey S, Ebert T, Kratzsch J, et al.
11) This variant of follicular lymphoma typically occurs in, but is not restricted to, pediatric-age males, and it presents with localized disease usually involving a neck lymph node but occasionally Waldeyer ring or, rarely, the testis.
Otros organos que raramente se han reportado afectados en la ER-IgG4 son encias, cuerdas vocales, amigdalas, faringe, hipofaringe, anillo de Waldeyer, mamas, ovarios, utero, vejiga, uretra, testiculo, region paratesticular, uraco, bazo, y hueso.
Palatine tonsils are a specialized collection of lymphoid tissue and the largest component of Waldeyer ring which is a ring of lymphoid tissue located in the pharynx1.
We established the correct diagnosis of Waldeyer ring lymphoma by histology.
REGINA WALDEYER, is a Doctoral Candidate, German Diabetes Center, Dusseldorf, Germany.
That let-down, and the fact that one chimpanzee had already been in Tenerife since September, 1912, led Waldeyer to suggest that Stumpf name Eugen Teuber (1889-1958), (8) a young psychologist from Berlin whose mission it would be to relocate to the island immediately and set up the station.
Waldeyer halkasini olusturan mukozal lenfoid doku, cesitli mikroorganizmalar icin havayolunun ilk savunma alanidir.
SFA-D has appointed Jacques Waldeyer as its new chief executive.
Nazofarenks, Waldeyer halkasi ve tonsillerde yerlesen HDL'ler grubun %11,9'unu (n:14) olusturdu.
El anatomista Wilhelm von Waldeyer (1836-1921) conjeturo que las fibras nerviosas son extensiones largas y delicadas de las celulas nerviosas y forman parte de ellas.