(Waldeyer-Hartz) (vawl'dī-er, hahrts),
Heinrich W.G. von, German anatomist and pathologist, 1836-1921. See: Waldeyer fossae, Waldeyer glands, Waldeyer zonal layer, Waldeyer throat ring, Waldeyer sheath, Waldeyer space, Waldeyer tract.
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Further, considering the tendency for cystic metastasis into the neck of squamous cell carcinomas of the Waldeyer's ring, it should be born in mind that many cystic neck masses that are deemed to be benign may, even if rarely, contain malignant tumor metastases (5).
El trabajo fue encargado a Wilhelm His y sus colaboradores Kolliker, Hertwig, Kollmann, Merkel, Swallow, Toldt, Waldeyer, actuando como secretario, Bardelebe (His, 1895); y que culmino con la aprobacion y posterior publicacion de la Nomina Anatomica de Basilea.
Clinical characteristics, pathological distribution, and prognostic factors in non-Hodgkin lymphoma of Waldeyer's ring: nationwide Korean study.
Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (NHLs) are known to affect lymphoid tissues in the Waldeyer's ring.
The presacral space is a retroperitoneal area, which is between the presacral fascia of the sacrum (Waldeyer's fascia) and parietal peritoneum of the posterior abdominal wall.
Hernias through a normal orifice include lesser sac hernias through the foramen of Winslow, as well as paraduodenal hernias through the fossae of Waldeyer and Landzert.
During the perineal procedure, it has been recommended to enter the peritoneal cavity by disarticulation of the coccyx with division of Waldeyer's fascia, as described by Holm et al .,[1] which provides more room in which to excise the specimen safely.
It forms part of Waldeyer's ring which comprises of lymphoid tissue of palatine tonsils, lingual tonsils, posterior pharyngeal wall tonsils and adenoids.
25% of PDHs develop on the right side of Treitz's ligament and involve the mesentericoparietal fossa (Waldeyer's fossa).