Gustav A., German obstetrician, 1856-1935. See: Walcher position.
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Scholars agree that the Internet provides an appropriate infrastructure for such communication (Afuah and Tucci 2012; Brabham 2008; Piller and Walcher 2006).
The booming international smartphone market offers huge potential for powder injection molding," says Hartmut Walcher, PIM expert at Arburg--referring--also to ceramic powder molding, examples of which were on display.
Additionally, some authors believe (Piller & Walcher, 2006) that the conventional lead user approach can significantly benefit from the utilization of broader online user communities.
Edited by Sergei Gukov, Mikhail Khovanov, and Johannes Walcher
Since her arrival in Manila a few months ago with her husband, chiropractic doctor Robert Walcher and their kids, they have already embarked on numerous wellness missions.
On May 14 in 1080 William Walcher, the Bishop of Durham and Earl of Northumbria appointed by the conquering Normans, was murdered by a mob near the site of the present St Mary's Church on the riverside at Gateshead.
In the first volume, Heidi Walcher argues that the year 1501, which at first seems to be the conventional date for the establishment of the Safavid dynasty in Iran, looks different when viewed as part of wider Asian histories, including those of Central Asian and Chinese empires, Shiism, and European states.
Walcher et al reported that ethanol-induced increased endogenous homocysteine levels in developing chick brain [17].
Jean Walcher of the US Parachute Association says Maynard and his two great nephews made their first skydive along with trained instructors from 13,000 feet southeast of Los Angeles.