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(wăks′mən), Selman Abraham 1888-1973.
Russian-born American microbiologist. He won a 1952 Nobel Prize for discovering the antibiotic streptomycin.
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En lo referente a la nocion de estado de naturaleza, Waksman se distancia de quienes interpretan que Rousseau postula un principio "bueno", el amor de si, y un principio "malo", el amor propio.
Waksman concludes, "Unlike competitors that might neglect Linux users, we proudly care for their security needs with file encryption protecting from virtual threats.
terminate Jonathan Mael and Adam Waksman and issue an official apology to the
11" in his lab notebook and shared his notes with his adviser, soil microbiologist Selman Waksman.
His work was usurped by Selman Waksman, who claimed a Nobel Prize.
Schatz and Waksman filed for a patent together in 1944; however, in 1946, Waksman suggested to Schatz that they relinquish their claim and transfer the ownership of streptomycin to Rutgers so it would not be controlled by a single company or person.
Steve Waksman, an associate professor of music and American studies at Smith College in Massachusetts, did research at the library prior to its opening for his book on the history of American live music.
The presented work is based on the detailed humus fractionation procedure described in Ponomarcva and Plotnikova (1980) grounded on the approach of Waksman (1936) and Tyurin (1937).
For the second straight month we're seeing the largest hedge fund losses since the 2008 meltdown," said Sol Waksman, the Founder and President of BarclayHedge.
Participants included His Honour Judge Waksman QC, who is currently involved in the Manchester concurrent evidence pilot scheme, and His Honour Judge Grant from the Birmingham Technology and Construction Court, as well as two leading barristers from St Philips and No5 Chambers and forensic experts from BDO.
Recent inflows might owe in part to excellent relative performance," says Sol Waksman, founder and President of BarclayHedge.
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