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(wăks′mən), Selman Abraham 1888-1973.
Russian-born American microbiologist. He won a 1952 Nobel Prize for discovering the antibiotic streptomycin.
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"While some users prefer freeware offering encryption on Linux, it is not as reliable or accountable as a commercially supported tool, like Jetico's BestCrypt," explains Jetico CEO, Michael Waksman.
Judge LJ was strongly of the conviction that, although it could not be assumed that the mediation would have succeeded, "there [was] a prospect that it would have done if it had been allowed to proceed." (87) More recently, Judge Waksman QC in Phillip Garritt-Critchley v Ronnads (88) granted an indemnity costs order against the defendants for unreasonably refusing to engage in mediation.
(6) Michael Schindler and Yael Waksman 'Restriction of Liberty' In Charles Foster, Jonathan Herring and Israel Doron (eds) The Law and Ethics of Dementia (Hart Publishing, 2014) 351.
Sin embargo, este predominio fue superado por los Estados Unidos, que alcanzaron el maximo logro en la historia de la tuberculosis, cuando Selma Abraham Waksman (1888-1973) forjo una alianza entre la investigacion universitaria estadounidense y la industria farmaceutica para crear la colaboracion que produjo la estreptomicina, poderoso antibiotico que la volvio menos mortal.
Studies consider Ibuprofen to be the safest NSAID and gastrointestinal and renal toxicity associated with it is actually dose-related (Henry et al, 1996; Henry & McGettigan, 2003; Kellstein, Waksman, Furey, Binstok & Cooper 1999; Wolfe, Lichtensein & Singh 1999).
It has been reported that C/N ratio of 25 to 35 is appropriate for composting (Waksman and Hutchings, 1936; Waksman and Cordon, 1939; Hoyle and Mattingly, 1954; Gray et al., 1971b; Hong et al., 1983; Rynk et al., 1992).
Jetico CEO Michael Waksman explains, "Current solutions on the market force you to wait for a container to complete its encryption process before you can add any files you wish to protect.
JPPP was sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare, and the Waksman Foundation of Japan.