Wakantanka (wä·känˑ·tän·kä),

n in Lakota Indian medicine, the “great spirit,” creation's great mystery that represents sacred medicine.
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He even confides that his one male convert, the binge-afflicted Isaac Weeps-by-Night, has confusedly mixed his faith in Jesus with the beliefs of his ancestors and his Indian god Wakantanka.
The intense heat made me forget being a professor and poet and remember that I was an ikce wicasta, a common man who was not going to make it speaking any language without the help of Tunkashida Wakantanka, Grandfather Great Spirit.
Le paha akan Wakantanka epazo wacin ye, she mutters breathlessly when she runs: "On this hill I want to point to God.
I told them when it got hard for them that they should call on the help of Wakantanka (The Great Mystery) and their ancestors, asking them to provide strength.
Lone Man's chief immediately addresses the woman with the most respectful kinship term he can bestow: "My dear relatives: This day Wakantanka has again looked down and smiled upon us by sending us this young Maiden, whom we shall recognize and consider as a sister" (1972 [1918]:65).
Wakantanka smiles on the man who has a kind feeling for a woman, because the woman is weak.
On the gifts of different species Erdoes barely bothers to change the words of Shooter, as he follows Brave Buffalo: "Animals and plants are taught by Wakantanka what they are to do.