William, English surgeon, 1843-1910.
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October 10, 1915: It was announced that Cpl J W Wagstaffe from Cliffe End in Longwood had been killed.
One of the |paintings by George Wagstaffe featured in a new exhibition
Miriam Burton, Amy Wagstaffe, Kaprice Peart and Florencia Paz Silva Marytsch, from Ninestiles |School in Acocks Green, which held its prom at the Botanical Gardens in Edgbaston
Attorney Jim Wagstaffe told the judge that Susan Williams has agreed with how hundreds of items should be distributed and was trying to amicably resolve problems involving others.
With Matt Richardson, Jon Wagstaffe, Bethan Roberts, Lewis Bowman and MC Robin Morgan.
I ATTENDED the Wolves v Gillingham match on Saturday and was very pleased to see the respect shown by the Gillingham fans who all joined in the minute's applause for the late Wolves player Dave Wagstaffe.
But the victims' plane was diverted, Mr Wagstaffe said in an interview, first to Houston and finally to Los Angeles, where they rented a car to drive north.
This development has won the attention of Ivo Labar, Kerr & Wagstaffe attorney.
According to San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, Martin used crutches on at least ten visits to the doctor to obtain workers' comp benefits.
District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said: "This has not happened in the 34 years that I've been here.