Wagner, Hans


Hans, Swiss ophthalmologist, 1905–.
Wagner disease - progressive liquefaction and destruction of the vitreous humor with grayish-white preretinal membranes, myopia, cataract, retinal detachment, and hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Synonym(s): hyaloideoretinal degeneration; Wagner syndrome
Wagner syndrome - Synonym(s): Wagner disease
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British riders including Sammy Miller, Ken Heanes and Triss and Bryan Sharp face the best riders in the world, including the victorious riders of East Germany like Peter Uhlig, Karl-Heinz Wagner, Hans Weber, Werner Stiegler and GE-nther Baumann.
Applied Biosystems will buy the company from its current shareholders, including Geneart founders Ralf Wagner, Hans Wolf and Marcus Graf, management members and venture capital companies EquiNet EarlyStage Capital and S-REFIT AG.
Vendor: EquiNet EarlyStage Capital ; S-REFIT AG; Management members; Geneart founders Ralf Wagner, Hans Wolf and Marcus Graf